You don't know your metric and you want to buy one of our creations? 

Here's how to know if your ring is the right size: it should be comfortable to wear and slip on and off easily, without too much resistance so as not to squeeze your finger. It must still be held well on your finger and must not rotate. 

To measure your finger size, nothing could be simpler! We offer you three solutions: 

  • The first is to come directly to the showroom, where we can measure your finger size with a ring sizer (if you want to make a surprise, you can also bring us a ring that the person owns) 

  • The second is to receive a ring sizer at home. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us to receive your ring sizer!

  • The third is to equip yourself with a sewing meter (or a tape and a millimeter ruler) to directly measure the circumference of your finger. This will give you your metric!